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About Lubricating Equipment

 Lubrication equipment refers to the general term for a series of grease, grease and auxiliary devices that supply lubricants to lubricating parts.

    Lubrication equipment concept

  Lubrication equipment refers to the general term for a series of grease, grease and auxiliary devices that supply lubricants to lubricating parts. Mechanical equipment need regular lubrication, the previous lubrication is the main way according to the working condition of the equipment, to reach a certain maintenance period after artificial lubrication, such as popular butter. Lubrication equipment mainly includes: electric lubrication pump or manual lubrication pump, reversing valve, differential pressure switch, double-line distributor, single-line progressive distributor, electrical control box, electric fuel pump, manual  fuel pump, multi-point lubrication pump and dry oil filter, dry oil injection nozzle, check valve, overpressure indicator, special connector, high pressure hose assembly, steel pipe clamp and so on.

    Classification of lubricating equipment

  Lubrication equipment according to the mode of action: can be divided into two kinds, automatic and artificial. We usually see the butter gun belongs to artificial lubrication equipment; And automatic lubrication equipment has pneumatic, electric, hydraulic and other ways of equipment, these are the pumping method of lubricating oil, or the need to manually guide the lubricating oil to the lubrication point, so it is not strictly automatic lubrication.

    Thin oil lubrication

  The lubricating oil is mainly sprayed directly on the surface of the object that moves with each other or generates a lot of heat, and the two surfaces are cooled or separated to prevent the deformation of the internal molecules caused by a large amount of heat generated during the friction process of the two objects, resulting in premature wear, fall off and deformation. This method is easier to achieve, but also to consider the economy of lubrication.

    Grease lubrication

  Grease lubrication (also called dry oil lubrication). During the operation of the equipment, the friction pair of relative motion on the machinery is generally processed and has a smooth surface. But in fact, no matter how high the machining accuracy, the surface of the machine can not be "absolutely" smooth, in the microscope, are high and low, uneven.

  If the friction surface is under load and in close contact, the protrusions and recessed parts of the two surfaces will be interlaced with canine teeth. When the two contact surfaces are in relative motion, the protrusions on the surface will collide with each other, impeding the relative motion between the surfaces.

  How do you avoid collision between two surfaces? It is necessary to use lubrication, when the oil is coated between the two surfaces, in the process of high-speed operation or movement, the two surfaces will produce an oil film, to protect the two surfaces, to overcome the collision between the depression and the process, reduce the wear rate of the equipment, extend the service life of the equipment.

  With the progress of science and technology, automatic lubrication equipment has been developed to program control, such as the automatic lubrication equipment produced by our company (Baker lubrication), according to the needs of customers, in advance input lubrication cycle and oil demand of each lubrication point, the workers do is only to fill the container of lubricating oil regularly, so that in the process of equipment work, automatic lubrication system will according to the program, Add different amounts of lubricating oil to different lubrication points on a regular basis, so as to truly achieve automatic lubrication. Intelligent centralized lubrication system (computer program control lubrication system) is the information technology, automation control technology, lubrication technology fully optimized integration of high-tech products, in the design idea, system principle, system structure and hardware configuration has outstanding advantages, completely replaced the traditional single-line and double-line lubrication system. Compared with the general dry oil centralized lubrication system, the intelligent dry oil centralized lubrication system has the advantages of multi-point random combination quantitative oil supply, single point single control oil supply, intelligent monitoring, remote centralized management, energy saving and environmental protection.

  With the development of industry, more and more enterprises need to use lubricating equipment, because enterprises want to save costs, it is necessary to extend the service life of machinery, it is necessary to lubrication.

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