• BK-compact Pump

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    BK-compact lubrication pump is a high pressure piston pump, butter ball can be replaced directly and quickly, avoid grease pollution and waste up to 4 pump units can be installed, special refueling design, to solve the problem of adverse environment

  • Single plunger hydraulic pump

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    The BK-HPM-2 single plunger hydraulic pump is driven by hydraulic oil pressure. It is especially suitable for agricultural machinery that cannot provide power or mechanical drive. The biggest feature of this product is that the output pressure can re

  • LBY Electric Pump

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    LBY series lubrication pump is an excellent performance of centralized lubrication pump, driven by high performance DC motor, can drive 4 pump units at the same time. Transparent material is used for oil irrigation to facilitate oil level observation

  • BK-OKGM Pump

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  • BKD- Multi Pump

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    产品特点: BKD-Multi电动泵为高压柱塞泵, 标准安装有3个泵单元,内置溢流阀和机械换向阀,可对系统进行高压 保护和自动换向,也可内置油压传感器,监测主油路压力。 油箱可选配压油盘设计,能确保 多角度安装,确保低温下润滑脂的持续供给。 系统故障的实时监控


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